Below you can find information about the team working on the project.

Ignasi Arranz

ignasi_photo Ignasi is a Postdoc at University of Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France. He is a quantitative ecologist fascinated by all forms of life though freshwater fish is the model group of his research. His research focuses on understanding the overwhelming complexity of all ecological systems.

Zeynep Ersoy

zeynep_photo Zeynep is a Postdoc FEHM-Lab (Freshwater Ecology, Hydrology and Management), Universitat de Barcelona, Spain. Her research centers on understanding the response of aquatic food webs to global climate crisis and other environmental disturbances, using approaches ranging from mesocosm experiments to biodiversity monitoring to investigate trophic interactions, energy transfer, ecosystem functioning and health.

Charlotte Evangelista

charlotte_photo Charlotte is a Postdoc at INRAE, University of Pau & Pays Adour, France and Dept. Environmental Science, Policy, & Management University of California, Berkeley, US. Her research is aimed at understanding how the intraspecific component of biodiversity contributes to ecosystem functioning with a particular emphasis on freshwater ecosystems. She is especially interested in the ecological and evolutionary causes of intraspecific variability and how human-induced environmental changes can modulate the interplay between intraspecific variability and ecosystem functioning.